Cops Shoot An Unarmed Teen And Gun Sales Skyrocket

AP_st_louis_police_shooting_jt_140810_16x9_992Since the shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis and the subsequent violence gun sales are booming.

According to Steven King, the owner of a local gun shop called Metro Shooting, gun sales have quadrupled. King also said that most of the sales have been to men.

“Probably a dozen or two dozen guns to females, single mothers. We’ve sold to black people, white people. We’ve sold to asians who have businesses on West Florissant.” said King. “They’re just afraid of whats going on and they’re coming in to purchase either additional firearms or their first firearm.”

King says that most of the people coming in to purchase guns are afraid. They are afraid of the police, and they are afraid of all of the violence. So many are spending every spare dollar they have on weapons and ammo. And besides, what could possibly go wrong with a city terrified of the cops and armed to the teeth??

King also said,

“They’re buying AR-15s, home defense shotguns, handguns, personal defense handguns something for conceal carry.”

So in a city where tensions are running around the boiling point after an unarmed kid is shot and killed by the police, the gun industry profits are at an all time high. Am I the only one who finds this news incredibly nuts?? I mean, seriously, what is going on here?

Mindy Fischer Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.
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