Is The Country Ready For A Viable Third Party?

2815879337_77f24e5388_zSo, as I see it, 2016 will be a very strong time for the Democrats, after President Obama’s two terms. But, in this climate of extreme polarization, I really do believe that the Republican party will split. I just don’t see them holding themselves together beyond the midterms this year. I think that the Republicans will end up going toward traditional Repubs, focusing on fiscal conservatives, and Libertarians. While the Tea Party will end up moving so far to the right that they take all of the real whack-a-doos, and extreme social conservatives from the party. And ultimately, I think that the next Presidential election will see a Republican nominee and also a Tea Party candidate.

And I’m not alone in this prediction. There are actually several Conservative activists forecasting this same GOP split. One of those activists is Steve Baldwin. His hopes are that this new party could “do to the GOP what the GOP did to the Whig Party 150 years ago.”

He said,

“I believe a coalition between social and fiscal conservatives could be formed around the issue of eliminating all federal abortion funding, reversing Roe vs. Wade (let the states fight it out), and prohibiting the Federal government from granting special rights to people based upon sexual behavior (laws that almost always infringe on our religious, property, and freedom of association rights). I believe such a platform would unite all factions of conservatives.”

Now maybe the reason for this is because we have become so polarized. Many Conservatives now view the Republican Party as “Democrat-lite” and most refer to Republican politicians as RINOs. It’s ironic really because the further that these Conservatives try to push the GOP to the extreme right, the less appealing the party is to most Americans. But there is no doubt that the Tea Party and the religious right are feeling less and less at home in the Republican Party. So why not start a Third Party?

But who will lead this new extremist party? Personally, I don’t think there’s any question on this one. I think that Ted Cruz will be on the top of this 2016 ticket. Not that I can explain it, because truly I cannot, but the Tea Party faithful absolutely love this dude. It seems that the crazier he is, the more they love him. So, for sure he will get votes. All of those whack-nuts out there who call themselves Tea Baggers will vote for this man in droves.

Now, as for his running mate, I’m a little torn. I keep going back and forth between Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee. Of course, they are both crazy in their own special ways, but somehow, I’m having more trouble picturing Rand Paul and Cruz actually working together. It’s kinda hard picturing Teddy playing well with anyone, isn’t it? But, I guess if I have to pick one, I’ll say he runs with Huckabee. That way they can really pander hard to the Christian far right. Boy, this just might be a lot of fun kids.

But before we can get to them running in 2016, the Republican Party is going to have to break apart. And while a Third Party is being built they are going to need a figure head that Conservatives can relate to. They will need someone who can make people want to join this new party. So who could take on that leadership role? Well, if you ask Conservative activist Steve Baldwin, he says it’s Sarah Palin. Naturally.

While you and I might be laughing right now at the idea of Sarah Palin being in charge of any political faction, Baldwin may have a point. I mean, Palin has been very vocal about her desire for the Tea Party to split from the Repubs. And honestly, I think that the people on the extreme right in this country still just love her. She certainly could help with their social media campaigning.

So the question is whether or not the country is ready for a Third Party. Personally I hope so. Because the truth is that a divided Republican Party makes it nearly certain that the Dems will win in 2016.

Mindy Fischer Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.
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