Fox News Is Fighting Over The Ebola Hysteria

2014-08-05_19-40-43With all of the hysteria over Ebola by the righties this week, I have to say that I was caught a bit off guard when I watched The Five on Fox Tuesday night. Greg Gutfeld, who I rarely agree with, and almost never enjoy, actually got one mostly right. But then again, maybe I shouldn’t be all that surprised. I mean, even a broken clock is right twice a day, right??

Gutfeld did a segment on the Ebola freak-out that’s been going on, and he actually introduced some facts into the discussion. Can you imagine?….facts on Fox?? I know, it sounds crazy, but it’s true. He informed his Fox audience that no one is at any risk unless they literally exchange bodily fluids with someone who has the virus.

Gutfeld was doing great on his rant until he tried to take a dig at Obamacare and countries who have socialized medicine. He said that the two doctors who are now being treated in Atlanta only came here to America because we are the best country in the world. And he made some comment about how they didn’t choose to go to Canada or any other country.

OK, well I hate to break any bubbles for those who are always defending American exceptionalism, but the two Ebola patients came back to the U.S. because they are both Americans. And yes, we do have some fantastic doctors here, but unlike what Gutfeld tried to say, these two patients are not being treated by private doctors, they are actually being treated by government doctors from the CDC.

But my favorite part of this segment was listening to Gutfeld trying to keep the conversation factual while some of his co-hosts were more interested in worrying about Ebola being spread throughout New York City through the practice of Santeria. And Eric Bolling naturally didn’t want any part of a factual discussion. He was much more interested in spreading fear based on his personal opinions.

Check out this clip….it gets really good right around the 4:55 mark

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