Quiz Time! Who Said This…Netanyahu? Clinton? or Palin?


And now it’s time for today’s little quiz…..

Read each of the following statements and then decide if they are quotes from Hillary Clinton, Benjamin Netanyahu, or Sarah Palin?


“Israel did what it had to do to respond to the rockets.”


When asked about worldwide objections to Israel’s attacks: “You can’t ever discount anti-Semitism, especially with what’s going on in Europe today. There are more demonstrations against Israel by an exponential amount than there are against Russia seizing part of Ukraine and shooting down a civilian airliner. So there’s something else at work here than what you see on TV.”


For a “prime minister of Israel, you’re damn right I would expect to have control over security [on the West Bank], because even if I’m dealing with Abbas, who is 79 years old, and other members of Fatah, who are enjoying a better lifestyle and making money on all kinds of things, that does not protect Israel from the influx of Hamas or cross-border attacks from anywhere else.”


On civilian casualties in Gaza: “There’s no doubt in my mind that Hamas initiated this conflict. … So the ultimate responsibility has to rest on Hamas and the decisions it made.”


“I call Hamas a death cult because that’s what their ideology stands for. That is who they are. And this death cult is operating right next door to the tiny nation of Israel.”


“No one wants lasting peace more than Israel and they are desperately in need of a partner, an ally, in seeking peace.”


“As the media misreports this Middle East war as ‘Israel attacks’; ‘Israel thwarts the peace process…they’re not even trying’; The Jewish community…they kill civilians, women and children.’ Good Lord, their bias is so glaring.”


“Well, first of all, Hamas is responsible for the deaths of civilians. [Israel is] not targeting a single civilian. [Israel is] responding to Hamas action and [Israel is] telling the civilians to leave, Hamas is telling them to stay. Why is it telling them to stay? Because it wants to pile up their own dead bodies.”


“The important thing to understand is that the reason … civilians are killed [is] not because Israel is targeting civilians, but because Hamas is using civilians as human shields.”


“Hamas is making sure that they don’t go anywhere. Let me tell you about the UN school. Secretary General of the United Nations, before this incident took place, admitted that two UN schools in Gaza were used to stockpile rockets. And he condemned Hamas, he condemned Hamas for turning these schools into military targets, legitimate military targets.”


Questions 1-4:  Hillary Clinton

Questions 5-7:  Sarah Palin

Questions 8-10:  Benjamin Netanyahu

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