Hannity Guest Says The Real Victim Of Domestic Abuse Is Ray Rice

10660382_10153193964998065_3038499235522726953_nDomestic violence really shouldn’t be a partisan issue, but apparently someone forgot to tell the Conservatives. Since the Ray Rice video was released earlier this week showing him punching his fiance unconscious, it seems that righties just can’t resist trying to make political points. But how do they do that? Well, they revert to their old ‘blame the victim’ rhetoric.

On Wednesday, Hannity had on some guests to discuss the Ray Rice incident. Conservative Fox commentator, A.J. Delgado tried to make the case that the real victim of domestic abuse in this situation is Ray Rice…not his unconscious fiance.

“Some might even say watching that video that Ray Rice is the bigger victim of domestic violence here,” Delgado told Hannity.

“I think that the key here is she doesn’t consider herself a victim of domestic violence,” Delgado said, before going off about the “liberal culture of domestic violence advocates that keeps talking about women’s rights and empowering women.”

And Delgado didn’t stop there. She went on to talk about all of the reasons that this woman deserved what she got.

“I guess if, some might say I’m defending Ray Rice here,” she said. “Maybe I am. But if you watch the video, the video actually helps make him look better than he did before. She repeatedly attacked him. He’s a victim. Flat out. Fact. Of domestic violence. Only after she’s hit him several times and spit on him, does he finally hit back.

“And then she happens, because of that blow, to knock herself out on the railing. That was an unintended consequence, I’m sure, of what he did.”

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