Check Out Bill O’Reilly’s Unbelievable Interview With David Duke (VIDEO)


As the controversy intensifies about the Republican House Whip, Steve Scalise, who admittedly gave a speech in 2002 to a group of white supremacists, it seems that Fox News is not quite sure how to handle it. Fox spent most of Monday trying to convince their viewers that maybe Scalise was never even at the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) Convention. EURO is an extremist group which was founded by David Duke.

And to confuse the Fox-watching neo-Cons even further, Scalise himself now says that he never knew that the Convention was connected to Duke. According to Scalise, he didn’t have any idea that the group he spoke to had anything to do with white supremacy. Of course, that makes it a little bizarre then that he apologized for his lapse in judgement….but whatever. And it also doesn’t explain why he repeatedly made claims that he was just like David Duke, but without the baggage.

So in some kind of strange attempt to clear things up for Steve Scalise, Bill O’Reilly actually had David Duke on his show Monday night to discuss the situation. O’Reilly introduced Duke as a former KKK member who some might consider a white supremacist. Personally all I could think when I heard O’Reilly’s introduction was, “if only SOME people think Duke is a white supremacist, who exactly are the people who don’t characterize him as such??” But, maybe that’s just me….

Anyway, the interview started with O’Reilly trying to continue the day’s narrative that Scalise probably was never at this Convention. And at first Duke fully agreed. But the Fox bubble kind of burst when Duke admitted that Scalise WAS scheduled to speak at his event.

From that point on, the interview turned sort of freakishly weird. I mean, O’Reilly, who started out being all warm and fuzzy to David Duke, quickly changed his tune and started attacking him. Honestly I’m not sure if Fox is trying to discredit Duke, or make him into some kind of Conservative superstar to their viewers.

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