New Congress Anti-Environment Attack Starts With ‘No More National Parks’ Bill

9816277903_21a36b1d66_bThe new Republican Congress is off to a quick start this year and already working hard to push their neo-Con agenda. And one of their first orders of business is to go on offense with their anti-environment attack. As they work like puppets to protect their fossil-fuel backers, they have made it their mission to halt investments in renewable energy, destroy protections for clean air and water, and push for things like fracking and the Keystone Pipeline. But the real root of their agenda, of course, is to stop and humiliate President Obama.

They have wasted no time in pushing their anti-environment agenda, while at the same time continuing to work for their ultimate goal of usurping power from President Obama. On Tuesday Republican Rep. Don Young introduced a new bill intended to strip Obama (and any future President) of all authority to designate things like national parks and monuments. Apparently they really don’t care that American Presidents have been protecting land and monuments for nearly 100 years. They just know that they must end this practice now because….Obama.

This new bill would essentially amend the Antiquities Act of 1906 by blocking the President from naming any new monuments without approval from Congress. The bill would also force the President to get approval from nearby state governments for any marine proposals.

Over the last century both Republican and Democratic Presidents have used the Antiquities Act to protect important land and historic sites. President Obama alone has used the act 13 times in his presidency, with the most recent being the protection of the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument near Los Angeles.

It seems that the Republican obsession with damaging the Obama presidency is far more important than protecting National parks and things like the Grand Canyon or the Statue of Liberty. And clearly they don’t care that this new bill is completely out of step with the American people.

According to new polling data 70% of all American voters (and 76% of Independent voters) strongly approve of President Obama’s efforts to protect public lands, wildlife refuges, and national monuments for future generations. The poll also shows that more than two out of three Americans are against the Republicans’ plan to stop Obama from protecting any more national parks, monuments, or wilderness areas. But as usual, the GOP is only interested in pushing their extreme Conservative agenda, regardless of the will of the people.

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