Obama’s YouTube Interview That Has Conservatives Seeing Red (VIDEO)

2015-01-23_23-35-59Whether you agree with President Obama’s unconventional methods or not, there is no denying that when it comes to reaching young millennial voters, he has become an expert through the use of social media. And because of social media, he has been able to effectively energize young voters who otherwise weren’t paying any attention to politics. But instead of following Obama’s successful outreach to this important voting block, the Conservatives have stuck to the old traditional rituals while keeping their entire focus on their aging base. Maybe it’s because they are just determined to condemn absolutely everything that the President does, but while they are busy fueling the flames of hatred, Obama is out there communicating with America’s future and┬áspreading a message of the value of Liberal solutions.

This week President Obama not only made another huge impact on social media, but he managed to infuriate Conservatives at the same time. I believe that we can call that a win-win. Following the State of the Union address, Obama decided to reach out to the millennials once again. Instead of granting interview time to the TV networks, Obama sat down with three of the most popular stars on YouTube….Bethany Mota, GloZell Green, and Hank Green. And with this simple move alone, Obama was able to expand his reach to millions of young voters.

Since these interviews were announced, righties have been complaining that Obama was disrespecting both the office of POTUS and the entire American public. They are claiming that these YouTube interviews are beneath the dignity of an American President. But as usual they are melting down over something that they likely heard on Fox without ever watching the actual interviews. Because if they had watched, they would’ve seen some refreshingly honest conversations. And perhaps they would have even noticed that all three interviews were full of respectful and thoughtful questions about issues that matter to young voters.

The three YouTube stars asked questions about race relations with the police, cyber attacks, gay rights, marijuana, education, and foreign affairs, just to name a few. Hank Green even voiced what many of us have been thinking when he praised the President for some really great ideas in his State of the Union speech, but questioned whether or not any of them were feasible with the current political landscape and a Republican led Congress.

All in all I think that these YouTube interviews were not only effective, but they also gave us a chance to listen to some of the real life thoughts and concerns of millennials. So Conservatives maybe you should take note, because even though you may not like this whole thing, there is no denying that it is working.

Well played Mr. President!

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