A Message To Netanyahu From An American Liberal

bibiDear Mr. Netanyahu….

I know that to much of the world Americans are known for being rather stupid. But, at the risk of ruining our infamous reputation, I probably should tell you that actually most of us can clearly see that your whole production of speaking to a joint session of our Congress was really nothing more than political theater. And we also fully recognize that your little Republican-encouraged stunt was, quite simply, a desperate attempt to manipulate Israeli voters just two weeks before your next election by using the U.S. as a political pawn.

Though, whether you realize this or not Bibi, you have also been manipulated. Because, you see, the Republicans who so enthusiastically plotted your visit and Congressional address were actually not the least bit interested in your opinions on our negotiations with Iran. Their main objective and the only reason they invited you here was to use you to satisfy the one thing that ultimately drives every single thing they ever do…undermining and trying to sabotage President Obama.

Now, I will give you some credit for personally demonstrating to all of us that your Chutzpah apparently knows no bounds. I mean, the fact that you literally stood before our Congress and the American people by way of a secret deal schemed up with Republicans and blatantly insulted our President while insisting to us that the Israeli-U.S. alliance “must remain above politics” really gave a whole new meaning to extraordinarily huge balls.

But regardless of your scrotum size, I have to tell you that most rational Americans will probably have a very difficult time trusting your assessment of the Iran nuclear deal. After all, we still remember when you first warned us that it was inescapable that “Iran was 3-5 years from a nuclear bomb”….but we also remember that you said that in 1992. And not to pile on here, but another reason that you have a serious credibility issue is because we can’t forget that you are the same man who testified before Congress claiming with all certainty that Saddam Hussein definitely had weapons of mass destruction.

See, here’s the thing Mr. Netanyahu, your whole strategy of always using fear to provoke people into doing your bidding has become quite transparent. So even though your pounding of the war drum left Republicans dancing in the aisles of Congress, you should also know that the rest of us are fully cognizant that you are really nothing more than a war mongering right wing extremist. And we also know that, given the choice, you will always choose war over negotiations…especially if it means that you can send American troops in to do the fighting.

And if I may enlighten you on one last thing Bibi, the entire narrative that you’ve used to convince people that if they don’t support you it automatically means that they are anti-Israel only actually works on the far right extremists in this country. Because the rest of us can see that ridiculous association is totally illogical…much in the same way that we recognize that just because someone holds disdain for President Obama or President Bush, it doesn’t indicate in any way that he or she hates America.

So I’d really like to tell you that we are all now fully informed of your desires for our future dealings with Iran. But speaking on behalf of proud peace-lovers all across America….thanks, but no thanks…now go home.

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