Obama Banters And Reads Mean Tweets On Jimmy Kimmel (VIDEO)

2015-03-13_8-26-50Thursday night President Obama appeared for the first time on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. And I have to say that with all of the bad news and heavy issues going on lately, it really was nice to see Obama in a relaxed, light-hearted setting. During the interview, Obama did address a few serious topics like the most recent shooting in Ferguson, his speech at Selma, and the huge problem of student loans. But for me, the best part of Obama’s¬†appearance on Kimmel’s late night show was watching him banter with the show’s host, cracking jokes and poking fun at himself.

Some of the really funny topics of conversation included, Hillary’s emails, UFOs, and Obama’s birth certificate. Jimmy Kimmel also has a recurring segment on his show where guests and celebrities come on and read mean tweets about themselves. And on Thursday, Obama got a chance to read a few of his own. After the segment, Obama told Kimmel that he actually didn’t think that the tweets he read about himself were all that mean…especially when compared with the things that the Senate routinely says about him.

Personally I always enjoy watching the President let loose and show us his quick-witted sense of humor. But I think that one of the reasons he is so particularly great on shows like Jimmy Kimmel is because he’s had so much practice at working the late night talk show circuit. Obama is actually the first sitting POTUS to make in studio guest appearances on any of the late night shows. And along with Jimmy Kimmel’s show,¬†he has now appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Colbert Report, and the Jon Stewart Show.

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