Scathing Open Letter To John Boehner About GOP Treason


Okay John Boehner, I think it’s time that we have a little talk….

I see that it has now come out that Israeli spies were feeding the Republicans in Congress information about the Iran nuclear talks. And then I saw that you made a statement saying that you were totally “shocked” to hear about this. But I have to tell you that given your ongoing bromance with Netanyahu, I find this very hard to believe. Of course I must admit that for a spineless incompetent douchebag, your scrotum size is remarkably large.

I mean really Boehner??…Espionage on your own government??

Perhaps it’s time that someone explained to you the difference between treason and jaywalking…because clearly you are confused.

And another thing that you don’t seem to understand is that your seditious acts of joining with a foreign leader against your own President are actually doing very little to undermine Obama. What you are doing instead is showing the world that the man who is third in line for the Presidency is not only willing to disrespect and embarrass the office of the President but also that your petty dislike for Obama is more important to you than any deference for this country or concerns about our national security.
You sir, and your GOP Congressional colleagues, are a disgrace to this nation, the likes of which I could have never imagined.

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