Twitter Erupts With Campaign Slogan Suggestions For Ted Cruz…Hilarity Ensues


So it looks like the first GOP candidate to officially announce a run for POTUS in 2016 is Ted Cruz. The Republican Senator from Texas made the announcement on Monday at Liberty University. And he actually had quite a large crowd gathered to hear him give his speech. OK, so yes, I know that his speech sounded exactly like a bad infomercial aired at 4:00 AM, and I know that the students at the Christian college where he spoke were literally forced to attend the speech or pay a fine, but apparently he really believes that he could be the leader of the free world, and is actually serious about running.

And so just to help Mr. Cruz a little with his ideas for campaign slogans, Liberals took to Twitter following his announcement. My favorite tweets fell under the #TedCruzCampainSlogans tag. And personally I would be hard pressed to decide which of these suggestions is the best…because they are all fantastic.

Here’s just a sampling of some of them….

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