Teacher Tells Students They Aren’t Christians If They Support Obama


It’s not hard to notice that Conservatives have become increasingly consumed with their rabid hatred of President Obama. And it really is quite startling how brazen they’ve gotten about openly expressing their disdain for him regardless of where they are or who might hear them. But one place that we shouldn’t have to worry about this irrational hatred is in our child’s public school classroom. We shouldn’t have to, but unfortunately in too many communities in this country, there actually is reason to be concerned.

One of those communities is in the city of Dublin, Georgia. Recently a teacher at Dublin Middle School made a point of forcing her own personal religious and political agenda on her students. She literally told her class that it was a fact that President Obama was not a Christian and that if their parents voted for him that meant they weren’t Christians either. She went on to tell the children that they could no longer be Christians themselves if they liked Obama.

As you can imagine this hate-filled lesson didn’t sit well with some of the parents, and several promptly demanded parent-teacher conferences to put a stop to this inappropriate teaching. But unfortunately, instead of apologizing or showing even a hint of remorse, the teacher instead doubled down on her offensive rhetoric. She also made an attempt to intimidate the upset parents by having a member of the Board of Education sit in on the meetings….a school board member who not only gave the teacher his full and unconditional support, but who just so happened to also be her husband with equally insane beliefs of his own.

One community resident was quoted in the local paper saying,

I was told last night by someone in the school system that nothing will be done because of WHO the teacher is and her husband being on the board! Just like the paper omitted her name & his name, small town bullshit!” 

After getting nowhere with the teacher or the school, the parents are now trying to bring a national spotlight to this issue. One of the parents wrote a letter to the editor of the newspaper explaining the unacceptable situation, saying in part,

“This teacher has betrayed her profession. She has broken the trust from teacher to student and from teacher to parent. The harm that she has done goes beyond her classroom. It is incalculable. At the very least she has tainted the learning experience and caused divisiveness among her students, the school faculty, staff and the community.”

Because this story is now getting some attention, the NAACP has stepped in and demanded that the school and the Board of Education do the right thing and assure parents that this behavior will never happen again. Hopefully this added pressure will force this insanity to stop. But far too often, incidents like this one are swept under the rug by small town politics, with little recourse for parents or students.

Teachers like this one honestly leave me feeling discouraged and worried that the venom being ingrained in so many children in this country will result in even more hatred being passed down to the next generation. But the one thing that gives me hope is that I really do believe that as a whole, there are more of us actually raising our kids to understand the value in our differences. And by teaching them to love instead of hate, we are ensuring that the future of this nation will be far more centered around tolerance and empathy.

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