’19 Kids and Counting’ Son Josh Duggar Named in Underage Sex Probe


TLC’s hit show 19 Kids And Counting¬†is in the news again…but this time the family who believes that the only acceptable form of birth control is God himself, is not flaunting another pregnancy. This time the headlines are of a completely different nature for this staunchly pro life family…this time they are about alleged child sexual abuse.

For many years rumors have been circulating that the oldest of the 19 Duggar kids, Josh Duggar, was hiding some very deep, very dark secrets. And In Touch Magazine is now reporting that Josh, who’s now 28 and married with 3 children and another on the way, was named in a 2005 police report to be an “alleged offender” in a child sexual abuse investigation. Josh was actually being charged with sexual assault of a minor in the fourth degree when at the time of the assault he, himself was still a minor.

According to the police report, Josh’s father, Jim Bob, “learned something inappropriate happened” when he¬†caught his son coming out of the bedroom of a young girl. The father then brought Josh straight to the Arkansas State Police to report the crime.

From there an investigation was launched but was unexpectedly halted when the state trooper who took the original report was shockingly charged with and convicted of child pornography and is subsequently serving a 56 year prison term. Once that officer was arrested, the Duggar case completely stopped and was left sitting inactive.

Several years later the Crimes Against Children Division and the Springdale Police Department picked up the case after someone from the Arkansas State Police informed a Child Abuse Hotline about it. But the investigation was once again thwarted because by then the 3-year statute of limitation had expired. A source involved in the case told In Touch,

A technicality prevented any further action. That’s been the biggest regret in all of this.

When the magazine asked the lead investigator from the police department, Sgt. Darrel Hignite, to comment on the Josh Duggar case he said,

I can’t comment or discuss (this case) because of the sensitive nature and because it involved a juvenile.

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