Atheist Obliterates Christian Pastor Who Called For Obama’s Death And Declared His Mother A Whore


One of the things I truly love about posting my articles on social media, like Facebook, is that it gives readers a chance to interact, debate, and respond. It also offers both me and the readers a unique opportunity to view things from many different perspectives. And while I’m certainly not trying to overtly brag about having so many witty, intelligent and insightful followers (though you know that I totally am) I can honestly tell you that I am continually surprised and stimulated by the vast majority of the feedback. 

But every once in a while I come across a response or an email that is not only exceptional, but that also leaves me feeling thoroughly impressed and inspired. And recently I received exactly that. 

Earlier this week after reading one of my articles, a follower named Mr. Doug Steley sent me the following reply…. 


Hi Mindy 🙂

I’m and old atheist who just read your blog on Pastor Anderson’s rants against Obama:

Christian Pastor Preaches For Death Of Obama And Calls His Mother A Whore

The thing is I spent 25 years as a Christian studying my Bible and the next 35 years studying the book as an atheist. It seems the good pastor is not even well-versed in Bible studies.

Below is my letter to him (written in my “Holier Than Thou” persona of course)

Cheers and thanks for the heads up about this pussbucket!


Dear Pastor Anderson,

I write to you somewhat disturbed at the rumors being spread that you are deliberately disobeying the word of God and his holy Bible by insulting The President of America and his government who has been put in that position by almighty God himself.

Is this correct ? Have you been issuing abuse about the leader whom God has placed in power ?

Remember Romans 13 1/6:

1) Obey the government, for God is the one who put it there. All governments have been placed in power by God.  2) So those who refuse to obey the laws of the land are refusing to obey God, and punishment will follow.  3) For the authorities do not frighten people who are doing right, but they frighten those who do wrong. So do what they say, and you will get along well.  4) The authorities are sent by God to help you. But if you are doing something wrong, of course you should be afraid, for you will be punished. The authorities are established by God for that very purpose, to punish those who do wrong.  5) So you must obey the government for two reasons: to keep from being punished and to keep a clear conscience.  6) Pay your taxes, too, for these same reasons. For government workers need to be paid so they can keep on doing the work God intended them to do.

If you insult those God has chosen you insult God himself !

Be warned your opinions and excuses are not better than the truth of the Bible.

Repent and ask forgiveness if you truly believe in his word!

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