Happy NRA Mother’s Day: Win The Same Type Gun Used By Toddler To Kill Mother in Walmart!


So with Mother’s Day quickly approaching, I’ve been trying to come up with the perfect unique gift that will show my mom just how much I love her. I didn’t want to give her typical flowers this year, so I’ve been asking everyone I know for interesting tips. Several people actually had some pretty great ideas, but there was one suggestion in particular that absolutely blew my mind and rendered me completely speechless. And one thing I know for sure is that my mom would never in a million years expect this one.

It seems that in my endless search for a gift that would truly leave my mom flabbergasted, I totally overlooked the obvious. Somehow I inexplicably forgot all about the one place that absolutely personifies a mother giving life to a child and then diligently keeping that child safe by removing all possible threats of danger. Obviously I’m talking about THE NRA. Duh.

As it turns out, the NRA is using Mother’s Day to continue their long standing tradition of exemplifying the phrase, “keeping it classy.” They have decided to actually give away the one thing that every mother associates with the incredible feeling of pure love….a brand spanking new gun!!

And they aren’t stopping there. Because they knew this gun would be a special gift just for mom, they really wanted to make a gesture that would encapsulate the depths of their thoughtfulness and true sensitivity. I mean, they didn’t want to give away just any gun. Oh no. They’ve literally decided to give away a gun just like the one that was used a few months ago by a toddler to shoot and kill his beloved mother in an Idaho Walmart. I know what you’re thinking…unbelievable right?? But come on now…this IS the NRA we’re talking about here. Of course they went there!!

The super cool promotional ads feature the catchy phrase, “Forget flowers this Mother’s Day, mom wants something she can carry with her.” Now whoever came up with this ingenious marketing idea is clearly someone who really understands what the NRA is all about. I mean, just think about all of the people who were just going to buy flowers but who will now be reminded instead about the true purpose of a gun. It’s like kismet or something!

Doesn’t this Mother’s Day promotion just give you a little more insight into the whole character of the NRA? Personally after seeing this unbelievable ad, I somehow feel even more aware of the value they place on every human life.

I sure am glad that I saw all of this before I made my final decision on what I’m getting for my mom. But you know, for some reason that I just can’t put my finger on, I’m suddenly having this overwhelming hunch that I’ll end up going with the flowers.


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