In Just 30 Seconds Hillary Answers The Iraq War Question And Makes Jeb Bush Look Like A Complete Idiot (VIDEO)


For weeks now the media has been pushing the narrative that Hillary Clinton is “rusty” and not ready to campaign because she has no idea how to deal with questions from the press. And yet for some reason we are not hearing those same type of critical assessments about any of the GOP candidates. So it’s been really fascinating to watch how disastrously Jeb Bush has handled a very simple question about the Iraq War.

It has also been interesting that even as Jeb has been digging himself further and further into a hole on this one, the press has inexplicably been more focused on bashing Hillary for not taking any questions lately. I mean, if we are to believe this odd narrative, then we could only assume that as poorly as Jeb is doing answering softball questions, Hillary would be doing much much worse…which is obviously the reason she hasn’t taken any questions recently.

The big ‘stumper’ that has had Jeb (and several other GOP candidates) all in panic mode, basically asks whether or not he agrees with his brother’s decision to invade Iraq. And reporters have been asking him what he would have done if he had been President at the time. Based on the answer….and then subsequent answers…that Bush gave it would seem that he would have done exactly the same thing that George W. did…while simultaneously doing the opposite…oh, and at the same time redirected all attention to Hillary…and let’s not forget about “Benghazi!!!”

So given that we were all prepared to watch Hillary crash and burn on this same mind-boggling question, it was shocking….shocking, I tell you…that she actually only needed 30 seconds to answer it like a pro. At a campaign stop in Iowa on Tuesday, Clinton spoke to reporters and addressed the question head on. And the truth is that with her succinct comments on the Iraq War, she not only proved yet again that she is more than ready to run for office, but she also made Jeb Bush look slightly inept….and by “slightly inept” I mean like a totally incompetent idiot.

Watch Jeb’s debacle…and then watch Hillary school him in less than 30 seconds.

And now Hillary’s answer….

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