Obama’s Anger Translator Is Uncensored And Absolutely Hysterical (VIDEO)


Comedy Central has several really great political shows on right now. But for me, one of the best comedy skits is on a show called Key and Peele. The show features two former cast members of MADtv….Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. And in each episode they use brilliant comedy sketches to address controversial social and political issues in this country.

Of all of the hysterical things that they do on the show, my hands-down favorite is their ongoing bit where they feature President Obama (played by Peele) and Luther (played by Key). Luther is Obama’s “anger translator” and basically he says everything that Obama is thinking but can’t say out loud.

And I’m not the only one who loves this brilliant skit. Even President Obama himself is a fan. He actually had Key, acting as his anger translator, perform with him at this year’s Correspondence Dinner.

But I have to admit that some of my favorite clips of Obama and Luther are the uncensored ones. I have included two of them below, but be forewarned that they both contain adult language.

Meet Luther…

Obama and Luther address the critics…

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