New Polling Shows Americans Rejecting ‘Conservative Values’….Fox Panics -VIDEO


Traditionally more Americans have identified themselves as “Conservative” than as “Liberal.” But in recent years those ideological views have shifted dramatically. And for the first time Conservatives do not outnumber Liberals when polled about American beliefs and values.

For example, attitudes about homosexuality have dramatically shifted. Most Americans now believe that homosexuality and gay relations are morally acceptable. According to Gallup, a record high of over 60% of the country now fully supports gay marriage and gay rights, up from just 27% in the mid-90s. Americans also now believe that people are born gay, as opposed to the once widely believed idea that environment and upbringing determined sexual orientation.

Another recent change can be seen with abortion rights. For the first time in 7 years Americans identify as “pro-choice” rather than “pro-life.”



The same holds true for attitudes toward having babies outside of marriage.



As a matter of fact when Americans are now asked about a multitude of issues they find “morally acceptable” there is no denying that the country has dramatically and consistently¬†shifted to the left.



All of these ideological shifts explain the fact that for the first time Liberalism has actually caught up with Conservatism in this country. Of course if you have been listening to any of the GOP Presidential hopefuls, then these trends and data are likely blowing your mind right now. But fret not my righty friends, because for all of you potentially mind-blown neo-Cons out there, fortunately you still have the main Republican mouth piece right there on your favorite Fox News Channel to spoon feed you plenty of lies and deceitful righty-spin to calm your nerves.

But for the rest of the country…you know, the rational ones….watching Fox scramble to come up with some kind of BS to explain away all of these recent polls is nothing short of sheer smile-inducing entertainment. Now to be perfectly honest, I could post so many clips of different Fox hosts trying their best to spin this one that you would be here watching all day. But in the spirit of sparing you from torture followed by an overwhelming desire to totally bleach your brain, I’ve decided to give you just one. (You’re welcome)

So sit back, relax and enjoy Bill O’Reilly desperately trying to keep himself relevant by once again dismissing reality….

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