Hey Righties: Stock Up On Tin Foil, The Feds Are Coming!! -VIDEO


Dear Conservatives….

Speaking as a lefty Liberal, I must finally admit the truth to you…you’ve been right all along about Obama invading and taking over Texas with martial law under the disguise of a so-called military operation called “Jade Helm 15.”

I also have to say that it really was brilliant that you didn’t fall for the planned distraction of the recent Supreme Court rulings. Clearly those outrageous rulings were designed to take your focus off of the real danger facing all God-loving, gun-toting patriots. And bravo to you for sniffing out the truth.

Now I know that all of the normal sane people in this country have been laughing at you and calling you insane conspiracy theorists, but obviously they haven’t been tuning in to all of the vast information out there on the internet about Obama’s evil Muslim plan to destroy America. And every good neo-Con knows that the only reliable place to find the real truth and solid bible-based facts is on the internet….well, and Fox News of course.

So since you’re already in an understandable and justified panic over this Jade Helm business, I may as well go ahead and tell you about Stage One, which is already underway, so that you can properly make your preparations. And be forewarned that each stage will get progressively worse than the previous.

Stage 1…

Legally forcing all Texans to get gay married in a religious ceremony strictly mandated by Sharia Law….with the caveat that all weddings must be officiated by Mexican Atheists.


Sarcastic Liberals and whack-a-doo mockers everywhere


Seriously, you HAVE to watch this one….

And This….

And This…

I could honestly post another 5 Thousand of these videos (you wouldn’t believe how many are out there) but here’s just one more that pretty much sums all the rest of them up…

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