“Commie Pinko”?? “Slutty Whore”?? …Oh It’s Time For a Neo-Con Smack Down!


Adorable little email I just got (and by ‘adorable’ I mean WTF?!)….

“Whether you like it or not, I am speaking for ALL decent men here. You are nothing but a disgusting and delusional Commie Pinko and obviously since you are so in love with Planned Parenthood you are also a slutty whore who thinks that slaughtering babies is the best method of birth control. Maybe if you and all of your baby-killing Lib buddies would quit spreading your legs and having irresponsible sinful sex we wouldn’t have an abortion crisis in this country. If you really can’t control your sick nympho libido then buy yourself a damn vibrator!

~ A patriotic Pro-Life Conservative who will do whatever it takes to protect babies”

OK Dude….

Even though you seem utterly charming, I really think that you are in need of a little friendly advice from one of those Liberal heathens….

First of all regurgitating your unimaginative neo-Con narrative for me will never prevent me or any other woman from deciding for herself whether or not to have an abortion. Because whether YOU like it or not, abortion is a legal Constitutional right in this country.

So perhaps instead of throwing a tantrum over your impotence to destroy the reproductive rights of the nation, you could instead take notice of your party’s actual child protection policies….especially being that you are all about protecting babies and all. I mean, maybe it’s just me, but it really seems that any neo-Con who supports things like cutting food stamps for children really should stop calling themselves “pro-life.”

Now obviously, I could go on and on informing you of the truth about Planned Parenthood and the actual services that they provide, but honestly until you get some mental help there is probably no chance that reality will register with you.

So in the spirit of meeting you where you’re at now, I’ll just sum up my advice in response to your email with one simple sentence….

Seriously dude, instead of worrying so much about who, how, and why I fuck…. you should just fuck off.

Oh, and PS….”slutty whore” is redundant. (Actually so is “Commie Pinko”…but that one made me laugh out loud, so we can let that one slide.)

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