Wedding Receptions With Open WEED BARS??….YES Please!! -VIDEO-

weed and weddings

As legalized marijuana slowly spreads across the country, we are starting to see some really interesting trends with how weed is changing and enhancing so many areas of our lives. Putting all of the health benefits aside, legalized pot is also making an impact on social interactions. And some of those social settings being changed by marijuana include weddings….YES, weddings!

Now if you ask me the best part of any wedding (by far) is the reception. And in this country there are basically two kinds of receptions….those that have open bars (I call those the “good ones”)….and those that don’t. Well, what if I told you that besides offering an open bar for alcohol, that in many places you can also now offer an open weed bar. Seriously!

Personally, I absolutely LOVE this whole idea….

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