Bernie Sanders Pulled No Punches When He Schooled Evangelical Crowd On Abortion… And It Was Extraordinary -VIDEO-


No matter who you voted for this year in the Democratic primaries, you truly owe it to yourself to watch this unbelievable video clip of Bernie Sanders.

Modern politicians almost always stay far away from crowds of people who vehemently disagree with them or who strongly dislike them. But as we continue to see with Senator Sanders, he is no typical politician.

In September Senator Sanders stepped into the lion’s den and spoke to a huge crowd of mostly hostile neo-Con Evangelicals at the private Christian college, Liberty University. Sanders started out with an extraordinary speech (I’ve included the entire speech at the bottom of this article) and then took questions from the students.

One of things that makes Sanders so special is that he never changes his stances or positions or passions on anything. Whether you agree with him on every issue or not, you have to respect the fact that he always stands up for those same values he believes in, without waiver….no matter whose votes he needs.

I found this particular exchange extremely interesting because in front of an ultra-Conservative pro-life crowd he was asked a question about the very divisive subject of abortion. I actually don’t know of another politician who wouldn’t have spun their answer to at least in part appeal to the audience. But Senator Sanders did no such thing.

Watch his impassioned answered here…

And here is the amazing speech in its entirety…

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