How Far Will The GOP Go To Keep You From Voting? -VIDEO


As the demographics in this country change and we as a people continue to evolve, the Republican Party is becoming less and less relevant. The days of GOP election domination by way of the wealthy white male vote is quickly coming to an end. Conservatives are realizing that the inevitable ramifications of this situation could spell disaster for them as a viable political party. And because of this they are desperately trying to come up with ways to stack the deck back in their favor.

The one thing that the right wing seems to be unified on is voter suppression. They’ve made it almost an art form to come up with creative ways to stop people from voting. As you can see in this unbelievable video montage, they are insisting on things like required civics tests and are even going as far as saying that women shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Yes, really.

But honestly as disturbing as this video compilation is, it really does fit right in with the right wing agenda, which is to stop people from voting. One thing the Republicans have figured out is that their chances of winning are directly dependent upon low voter turnout on election day.

Call me crazy, but perhaps if they genuinely had some decent ideas they wouldn’t be so afraid of voters actually voting.

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