Jeb Bush And Clown Car Worse On Women’s Issues Than We Ever Imagined -VIDEO


As we continue to watch the GOP Clown Car spiral further down the rabbit hole, we are learning more and more about both the Republican Party and also about the candidates individually. And for me, the only one who has ever had a chance in hell of beating Hillary (or Bernie) is Jeb Bush. But as the campaign is moving along, his chances seem increasingly more of a long shot….especially after continually hearing things about Jeb’s true record when it comes to women’s issues.

In this recent clip from HBO’s Real Time, Bill Maher and his guests discuss the GOP’s problems with female voters. They talk about the threat of a looming government shutdown over defunding Planned Parenthood and how the candidates’ views and the American public’s views seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum on this one.

As always some great points were made by Bill Maher. And one of his guests, former Governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm, totally schooled the token Republican on the panel. The clip winds up with Maher reading from a GOP picture book (created by his staff) about women….and it was hilarious!

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