Trevor Noah Kicks Off The New Reboot Of The Daily Show And Kills It!! -VIDEO


With the departure of Jon Stewart from Comedy Central’s very popular The Daily Show, many of us have been wondering if his replacement would be as entertaining and funny as Stewart. But I can honestly say that after checking out the first show with the new host that the answer is a resounding YES!!

Monday night was Trevor Noah’s debut appearance as the new host of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show and he was absolutely fantastic. The little known South African comedian handily picked right up where Stewart left off with a virtually seamless transition.

One of the reasons that the new show feels so familiar is that most of Stewart’s writing staff stayed on. And it was apparent from the first few minutes of Noah’s monologue. For me, there were several times during the first couple segments where I could totally imagine Jon Stewart delivering those same lines…just with less dimples and less of a sexy accent.

Check out the opening monologue of the inaugural episode of the new reboot of The Daily Show below. (The video also has a link back to Comedy Central if you want to see the episode in its entirety without any commercial interruptions.)

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