Hillary Clinton Mocks Donald Trump And Kills It On Saturday Night Live Premiere -VIDEO


Saturday Night Live kicked off its new season this weekend with a bang. And one of the best skits of the night featured Hillary Clinton playing Val the bartender chatting it up with Kate McKinnon who was playing Clinton.

The two bantered back and forth poking fun at Hillary about things like her public image, the Keystone Pipeline, her age, same-sex marriage, and her inevitability to win the presidency. This of course, was not Clinton’s first appearance on the iconic weekend show, but in my opinion was by far her best.

She seemed very relaxed and relatable….and thanks to McKinnon and a cameo appearance by Darrell Hammond playing his famous role as Bill Clinton, Hillary was actually quite funny. It was nice to see her let loose and poke a little fun at herself, but my favorite part was when she impersonated Donald Trump. She even attempted to sing at the end of the skit, albeit not so well, which made it even funnier.

For me, the Clinton skit was the best of the night; however, there were two other political sketches that came in tied for a close second. One was a Donald Trump skit and the other was a skit mocking the sanity of the Clown Car candidates. I’ve included all three below.


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