Saturday Night Live Does Dem Debate Skit Featuring Larry David As Bernie Sanders And Wins Internet! -VIDEO


This weekend Saturday Night Live outdid themselves with their opening skit mocking the first Democratic Debate which was held earlier this week on CNN.

As we all expected, Kate McKinnon continued brilliantly playing her role as Hillary Clinton. But the two big surprises of the skit were Alec Baldwin playing Jim Webb and Larry David playing Bernie Sanders. Baldwin never disappoints on SNL, and this episode was no exception, but the true star of this sketch was Larry David. For me, he was a better Bernie Sanders than Bernie Sanders himself.

What makes David even funnier in this role is that he literally combines the characters of Bernie Sanders with some of his iconic Seinfeld-esque magic that has been making all of us laugh for years.

As great as the actors were playing all five of the Democratic candidates and Anderson Cooper, the reason this Cold Open skit was so funny is that the writers hit it spot on this week. They found some of the best highlights from Tuesday night’s debate and poked fun at them in the way that only Saturday Night Live can.

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