Ben Carson Targets Black Youth With New Rap Ad And Twitter Reaction Is Priceless!


In some kind of bizarre attempt to reach out to young black voters, Ben Carson has just released a new unique rap ad. And by unique I mean disastrous. Now Carson’s awkward venture into some sort of old-school rap did succeed in making his ad go viral…but definitely NOT in a good way.

Carson’s new ad is being released on radio stations in eight markets including Atlanta, Birmingham, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Jackson, Memphis, and Little Rock. But if the early response is any indication this ad can be described as nothing short of a disaster.

It’s not just that the rapping itself is terrible. But it really shows once again how out of touch Ben Carson is with American voters, especially the youth and minorities. It’s clear who he’s pandering to with this absurd ad, but it comes across as little more than outright condescension. Honestly, for me, this radio spot is the epitome of hypocrisy. Not only has Carson been very vocal about denouncing hip-hop, but he’s also blamed it for the problems of today’s black youth.

Following a lot of negative backlash from this rap ad, Carson’s campaign was quick to point out that, in a recent Quinnipiac Poll, their candidate got the highest percentage of black voters when up against Hillary Clinton. Now while this is true, it should be noted that Hillary got 73% while Carson only got 19%.

Thankfully, as we’ve been seeing quite a bit lately, the internet is not about to let the Clown Car off the hook for stupidity this brazen. Here’s just a bit of bit of the priceless response from Twitter….

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