Bernie Sanders Is Way Funnier Than You Thought! -VIDEO


Bernie Sanders makes me proud to be a Liberal and there is no denying his passion, but who knew he had such a great sense of humor?

In November Rachel Maddow hosted a forum on MSNBC where she interviewed each of the three remaining Democratic Presidential candidates. Her first interview was with Martin O’Malley, followed by Bernie Sanders, and then Hillary Clinton. I must say that in a season so full of Clown Car gibberish it was incredibly refreshing to hear some actual adults talk about reality and answer questions of real substance. Honestly, all three gave strong performances and did the party proud.

While the majority of Maddow’s questions were serious, she did give each candidate a brief segment to forget all about talking points and campaign slogans and just lighten up a bit. Hillary certainly held her own on the lighthearted questions, but for me it was Bernie Sanders who won for best sense of humor.

When Maddow explained to Bernie that she was going to ask some unconventional questions, he immediately made a Saturday Night Live reference and wondered if she was going to ask how many pairs of underwear he owned. And honestly every answer that he gave in this fun segment was absolutely brilliant. If you’ve never seen Bernie Sanders’ funny side, you are going to love this clip!

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