‘Jeb Can Fix It’ Goes Viral As The Internet Gives Jeb Bush A Hilarious Dose Of Reality


Just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse for Jeb Bush, his campaign comes out with “Jeb Can Fix It!” and the internet quickly reminds little Jebya that things can always get worse….much much worse.

Now, I suppose that we can’t fault Team Bush for trying to come up with something….anything….to salvage their fading hopes for remaining in the 2016 race, but if “Jeb Can Fix It!” is the best slogan/campaign reboot they could come up with, I’m thinking that they are in even worse trouble than their pathetic poll numbers have been showing.

I do understand that none of the Republican candidates have anywhere near the internet campaign prowess that the Obama machine has, but, seriously, it’s almost like Jeb’s advisers didn’t even realize there’s such a thing as social media…or that this social media thing is full of people who expertly use wit and sarcasm as their weapons of choice. I mean handing over a new reboot slogan this lame to an electorate on social media who already thought they were a total joke is practically begging to get the priceless reaction they got!

I’m guessing that Team Bush was really hoping that maybe no one would notice how truly laughable their candidate has become by doing this whole big re-branding thing….but clearly the interwebs had other ideas…..

Mindy Fischer

Mindy Fischer

Mindy Fischer is a lefty-liberal, freelance political writer. Follow her on Facebook and on Twitter.
Mindy Fischer