Rachel Maddow Puts Hillary On The Spot…And She Handles It Like A Boss! -VIDEO


Whether the candidates are being serious and talking about policy issues with Rachel Maddow or relaxed and showing a sense of humor, one thing is for certain…we are seeing an enormous difference in the primary process between the two parties. Basically, the Dem debates/forums are like watching major league baseball. But the GOP debates have been more like watching slow-pitch beer league softball. 

Friday night Rachel Maddow hosted a forum on MSNBC where she interviewed each of the three remaining Democratic Presidential candidates. Her first interview was with Martin O’Malley, followed by Bernie Sanders, and then Hillary Clinton. I must say that in a season so full of Clown Car gibberish it was incredibly refreshing to hear some actual adults talk about reality and answer questions of real substance. Honestly, all three gave strong performances and did the party proud.

While the majority of Maddow’s questions were serious, she did give each candidate a brief segment to forget all about talking points and campaign slogans and just lighten up a bit. A few of the questions she asked Hillary Clinton included what new language she would like to learn, whether she’s an introvert or extrovert, and what comes to her mind when she hears “hush puppies.”

But my favorite question was when Maddow put Hillary on the spot and asked her who she would select for VP (if she was forced) from the current Republican field. Hillary’s answer was great. Check it out in the clip below!

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