The Clintons Are About To Teach Donald Trump A Lesson He Won’t Soon Forget


As Donald Trump continues his sexist, offensive, and personal attacks on Hillary he seems to be completely unaware that he is walking directly into a trap. Hillary’s “secret weapon” has always been her very popular husband Bill Clinton. And he is about to be unleashed. The Clinton machine is a force to be reckoned with….and Trump has absolutely no idea what he’s in for.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is about to enter a new more aggressive phase. Starting the first of the year, Bill Clinton will be out campaigning for his wife in the important early primary voting states. And for anyone running against Clinton, this news should be more than a little nerve-rattling. Well, for anyone with an ounce of sense, that is.

But clearly Donald Trump doesn’t fall into that category.

Maybe it’s because he’s a complete political novice. Or maybe it’s because he’s an egomaniac who just can’t handle the thought of being bested by anyone….especially a woman. Or maybe he’s simply a fool. But whatever his reasons, Donald Trump does not appear to have any clue of who he’s dealing with when it comes to the Clinton duo.

Hillary is certainly more than capable of holding her own with any of the clown car candidates, including Trump, but when you add the former president into the mix they become a deadly combo. Bill Clinton is one of the greatest political minds and orators of modern times and he will be able to humiliate Trump without even trying.

When Trump learned that Bill was about to join Hillary’s campaign and likely go directly after him, his response was dumbfounding. He chose to not only double down on his tasteless personal attacks on Hillary, but he took a page from the GOP playbook and actually started attacking HER for Bill’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Yes, really.

Trump said, “If Hillary thinks she can unleash her husband, with his terrible record of women abuse, while playing the women’s card on me, she’s wrong!”

So just to be clear here, Trump is using the “women’s card” now where the Repubs have been using the phrase “race card” throughout Obama’s presidency….which basically boils down to blaming the victim. Whenever they attack someone based on race or gender and get called out for it, they believe they get a free pass as long as they throw out these little catch phrases.

But what’s also amazing to me is that they are literally blaming a woman for being cheated on. In what parallel universe does that make any sense??

Trump has been despicable to women. He’s objectified them and been beyond rude. He openly boasts about the disgusting things he says about Rosie O’Donnell. He tried to humiliate Megyn Kelly about her menstrual cycle. He’s mocked Hillary for using the bathroom and being “schlonged.” And the list goes on and on.

But he is now threatening Hillary to “BE CAREFUL” because he “has great respect for women.” And then claims that it is instead Bill Clinton who’s “demonstrated a penchant for sexism”??

Seriously people, this is Donald freaking Trump we are talking about here. Do I even need to talk about the hypocrisy?

Personally I am really looking forward to seeing Bill back on the campaign trail. And watching Trump and the rest of the clown car walk head first into the Clinton trap is a beautiful thing. My wine and popcorn are fully stocked. Things are about to get very interesting indeed……


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