This Colin Powell Clip From 2008 Is The PERFECT Response To Trump Supporters -VIDEO


Believe it or not, there actually was a time not all that long ago when the Republican party had some real leaders who weren’t afraid to speak out against the type of hate speech we are now hearing from the GOP presidential candidates.¬†

When I look at the this current Clown Car of GOP presidential candidates I really wonder if there are any sane Republicans left out there. Especially when the front runner continues to be Donald Trump.

But even though large segments of the party’s neo-Con base have been immersed in racism and hate speech for some time now, it wasn’t too long ago that there actually were a few moderate Conservatives who had some common sense. One of those leaders was Colin Powell.

On October 19, 2008 Powell went on Meet The Press to discuss some of the very things that Trump has been talking about as of late. Back then neo-Cons were insisting that Obama should not be eligible to run for president because he was a Muslim. Powell was addressing the accusations and the general anti-Muslim sentiments that were spreading throughout his own party.

Honestly, Powell’s words were perhaps never more relevant than they are right now. And these two minutes are the perfect response to the outright ignorance and hatred being spewed by Donald Trump.

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