This NRA-Loving Oath Keeper Speaks The Truth! – Video

Rally to Prevent Gun Violence

I must admit that I never thought I’d ever be sharing a video from an NRA-loving Oath Keeper, but honestly this one is just too good not to share.

Mark Carman describes himself as a “responsible firearms owner” and has been on a mission to talk about reality to other reasonable gun owners. And as you can imagine he is taking a lot of heat from gun nuts. But this message that Carman posted to the American Coalition For Responsible Gun Ownership Facebook page shows that he is a lot more concerned with common sense gun control than he is about public backlash.

In this video, Carman says he’s going to just “tell it like it is.”

“It’s every week, that somebody is going in and killing people. And before one person says it… they’re not going in there and killing ’em with a damn hammer. They’re not going in there and chopping them up with a chain saw. They’re going in there with GUNS and shooting people. That’s what’s happening.”

“Until gun owners…until the National Rifle Association….when the Oath Keepers drop all this nonsense about don’t want their rights and somebody taking their guns, until you do it, I’m telling you…wonderful people who are just somehow off on this tangent that somebody’s trying to take your guns every time something like this happens and you defend it, you’re giving people a reason to want to make civilian handguns illegal.”

He goes on to make a plea to all gun owners and NRA members to finally stand up and do something about the gun violence epidemic in this country.

“I’m calling on members of the National Rifle Association. I’m calling on members of every gun owning organization. If you have the guts…to stand up and call your Congressman, call your Senator…and say we have got to do something.”

“If you don’t do something about it, I’m telling you the government and the people are going to. We are not going to stand for it anymore. Gun owners, it’s time.”

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