Obama Set To Steamroll GOP With Major Executive Actions On Guns And GITMO In 2016


President Obama has learned the hard way that doing the right thing for this country is not always a priority for his political opponents. But he has also learned that hatred and political opposition is not enough to stop him from accomplishing great things. And if the GOP isn’t willing to work with him, he is now fully prepared to use executive actions. 

As President Obama heads into his final year in office it is clear that he has absolutely no intention of slowing down. His list of accomplishments is already quite impressive, but it seems that he’s prepared to finish the last half of his final quarter all out balls-to-the-wall.

That will not only ensure his own legacy but it will also undoubtedly change the political landscape of 2016. Obama may not be running for office, but he will certainly affect the 2016 presidential campaign nonetheless.

Two of the things Obama has his sights set on for the coming year are gun control and the closing of GITMO. And since the Republicans have made it clear that they will not help him on either of these issues (or likely any others) Obama will be using executive actions to achieve his objectives

According to the AP,

“The president is packing his final year with foreign travel and has about a half-dozen trips abroad planned, including a likely visit to Cuba. The White House’s legislative agenda is slim and centers mostly on areas where he already has overlapping priorities with Republicans, including final passage of the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact and criminal justice reform. But he’s also eyeing provocative executive actions, including an expansion of background checks for gun purchases and the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention center.”

President Obama continues to break the presidential mold in many ways and shape history. His excitement about the party’s future and his last year in office are contagious. He most certainly has redefined what the media thought of as a “lame duck!”

And unlike the 2014 campaign cycle, Obama has no intention of sitting this one out. He has made it clear that he intends to enthusiastically campaign for the Democratic nominee to ensure the White House remains in the hands of the Dems.

“I will have a Democratic successor, and I will campaign very hard to make that happen.”

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