Saturday Night Live Takes Aim At GOP Candidates In 2 Great New Skits This Week! -VIDEO


Saturday Night Live went after the Republican presidential nominees this past weekend with two new skits…and they were absolutely brilliant!

Saturday night, SNL brought back the very talented and hilarious Will Farrell in one of his signature character roles as George W. Bush. In this opening skit, Bush says that he’s back and has decided to jump into the race and run again for President because the current crop of nominees is so weak. He then goes through the Republican front runners one by one giving his assessment of each.

When he gets to Donald Trump, he literally just laughs his ass off at the buffoon….I dare you to just try and see if you don’t laugh out loud along with him. I know I did. And when he gets to his own brother Jeb, he throws it out there that none of us could have foreseen that HE would actually be now known as the “smart brother.”

In the second clip Greta Van Susteren (played by Kate McKinnon) interviews Ted Cruz (played by Taran Killam), Chris Christie (played by Bobby Moynihan), and Ben Carson (played by Jay Pharoah) to ask them about Donald Trump’s proposed ban on all Muslims. During the skit, the writers were able to get several digs in on all four of the candidates mentioned.

Say what you will about Saturday Night Live this season, but there is no denying that when it comes to political humor, they do it like no one else!

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