Flint Is Actually Sending Out Shutoff Notices To Residents Behind On Their Water Bills


I think we can file this one under the ‘Are You Fucking Kidding Me??‘ category. Flint, Michigan… you know, the city with the lead-poisoned water?…well, they are literally sending out shutoff notices to city residences who are behind on their water bills. And yes, I’m serious.

After taking a short break over the holidays, the city of Flint is now once again sending out warnings to residents who have fallen behind on their bills. According to Finance Director Jody Lundquist, the city stopped sending out the shutoff notices over the holidays because they wanted to lessen the burden on city staff.

As you could imagine, the residents of Flint have been expressing outrage that they are being billed for poisoned water.

Lundquist said that all of the media attention and protests have presented even further financial challenges for the city’s water fund. She added,

“The impact of the water crisis is tremendous.”

This marks the second time the city has sent out the shutoff notices since a judge’s ruling temporarily stopped them in August. Lundquist announced in November that 1,800 notices were going out to customers for past-due accounts. There is no official word on how many notices will go out in this new round.



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