Watch What Trump Told Megyn Kelly About Candidates Who Pull Out Of Debates Back In 2011! -VIDEO


Donald Trump has announced that he won’t participate in Thursday night’s Fox GOP debate because he doesn’t like the debate moderator Megyn Kelly. But back in 2011 he couldn’t say enough about Ms. Kelly’s brilliant moderating skills. He also had plenty to say about candidates who pull out of debates….

This Fox News clip from December 9, 2011 is very interesting. It was an interview that Donald Trump did with Fox’s Megyn Kelly…the same Megyn Kelly that he is now apparently so offended by that he is refusing to participate in the next GOP debate. In this clip Kelly is talking to Trump about an upcoming GOP primary debate for the 2013 cycle that Trump was to moderate.

Trump and Kelly talk about Kelly’s moderating skills and Trump tells her that she’s a great moderator….even insisting that she’s a much better moderator than he is himself. He said, “I could never beat you.” And knowing Trump, as we all do, that is a huge compliment for sure. Funny though, that just a few short years later that same Megyn Kelly is now the moderator that he doesn’t have the balls to face as a candidate.

Trump also discusses the fact that several candidates, including Mitt Romney, decided to pull out of the debate he was scheduled to moderate. Trump didn’t hold back on calling them out. “These Republicans…they’re supposed to be brave.”

So how ironic that now he is the one who has no spine.

Check out this great clip of Trump talking with his now nemesis, Megyn Kelly….

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