A Liberal’s Perspective On Donald Trump And The Protesters


One thing that seems to be easily overlooked is that Donald Trump, and all of the other candidates, are running for President of the entire country. They are not just running for their own group of supporters. They are running to represent all of us. And because of that, we ALL have a right to hear them and question what they are saying….and yes, that even includes the protesters.

A lot of media attention has been paid in recent weeks to the violent rhetoric at Trump’s campaign rallies. And unfortunately, Trump’s words have led to actual¬†violent incidents with protesters. As the rhetoric and violence has continued to escalate, so too has the anger, frustration, and fear of many in this country who oppose Trump and his message of hate.

At Trump’s most recent visit to Chicago, a large group of organized protesters were able to shut down the Republican front-runner’s planned rally. At this point, I think we can all agree that Trump’s rallies have reached a level of true concern. Honestly, I’m surprised that no one has been seriously injured or killed so far. And I fear that if things continue like this, it will only be a matter of time until such a thing happens.

I find it interesting that Trump is the one who is crying about his freedom of speech being oppressed because, of anyone, he is certainly NOT the one being infringed upon. But there are people whose rights are being compromised in this equation….and those people are the protesters.

One thing that Donald Trump does not seem to understand¬†is that he is running to serve the people of this country. He is not running for a group of just his own fans to hang on his every word and cheer for all he has to say. He wants to be the President of the United States. That means he serves us….ALL of us….including those of us who disagree with him….even the protesters.

When Donald Trump, or any of the candidates for that matter, holds a campaign rally at a public venue ALL Americans should be welcome to come and hear the candidate speak. After all, we as a people should be as informed as possible when we vote for the most important office in our land, should we not?

And if that means that a candidate has to listen to people question them, or disagree with them, or voice their dissatisfaction with them, then that’s what it means. That’s what these gatherings of Americans should be about. They shouldn’t just be an ass-kissing session. Because as much as a cheering crowd might feed a politician’s ego, how does that help us choose a great leader?

According to the ACLU, protesters do have the right to be present at these events and voice their opinions as long as they do not become physical.

I do not condone violence, ever. But I 100% believe in the right to peaceful protest. And as much as Donald Trump may hate it, it is time to stand up to this bully and let our collective voices be heard. He needs to hear what reality sounds like. We have the right to protest his hate speech and fear-mongering. And unless we want to continue to watch this hatred and violence continue to escalate unchecked we have a responsibility to do the right thing….even if that means hundreds of protesters showing up at one of his vile rallies and making our extreme displeasure known.

Now I’m looking at you in law enforcement to keep the peace….because God knows that Trump and his supporters can’t be trusted with that responsibility. #VOTE

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