Let’s Not Forget Who Ted Cruz Really Is


Ted Cruz may be gaining momentum in the GOP Presidential race, but let’s not forget what his campaign has already cost this country. 

Arguably, the defining moment in the political career of Ted Cruz was the government shutdown of 2013. Forbes called the shutdown “The Cruz Crisis.” And, considering what his temper tantrum needlessly cost this country, it is no wonder that we have heard absolutely nothing about the shutdown from Cruz throughout his entire campaign.

According to Standard & Poor’s, the 16-day 2013 shutdown cost us a whopping $24 Billion. Moody’s Analytics says that breaks down to a $1.4375 Billion per day loss to US GDP.

It also wiped out an estimated 120,000 new jobs.

But for all the damage this debacle inflicted, most rational people couldn’t understand what could possibly have motivated Cruz to break our country down like this, especially for as long as it went on. Well, it turns out there was a reason….a big reason.

Cruz made it a point to really push a political petition for the entirety of the shutdown. He claimed that over 2 million people signed this national petition to defund Obamacare.

Yeah. So here’s the thing. People weren’t just signing that petition he’s talking about. They were making financial contributions to him as well. Cruz really didn’t seem to care that the GOP approval ratings dropped to an all time low–in a large part because of him; and a big reason for that is: while Republican approval numbers were taking a nose dive, Cruz’s political action committee raised a massive amount of money. Now, considering he raised nearly a million dollars in those 16-days, almost doubling his 3rd quarter earnings, I’d say that Teddy’s PAC account could definitely be called one of the so-called winners in that nightmare.

And Cruz wasn’t the only one to profit financially during the shutdown. Heritage Action for America, who put so much pressure on House Repubs to vote ‘no’ on anything that didn’t promise the destruction of Obamacare, raised $330,000. The truth is, all of the radical tea-party extremists who played a key part in that government shut down built their fundraising lists and coffers.

And surprise, surprise….guess who’s now supporting Cruz’s Presidential campaign?

Ted Cruz has already shown us that he will go to any lengths to gain the White House. And in just 16 days he cost this country Billions. How much more would it cost us if he actually won?

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