Planned Parenthood Employee Vs. Neo-Con Troll…..This One Is Epic!


Conservatives love to demonize Planned Parenthood. But when this neo-Con troll tried to take on an intelligent and informed employee, he set himself up for an epic smack-down.

People like Ted Cruz and other leaders in the Republican Party lie so much about Planned Parenthood….and abortion in general…that it is no wonder that Conservatives are so misinformed. But still, I have trouble finding too much sympathy for neo-Cons who blindly repeat the nonsense they hear from their party even when faced with straight up facts. And it’s not like FACTS are hard to come by….well, outside of the Fox News bubble, that is.

So when this Planned Parenthood employee from Portland, Oregon put this ignorant troll in his place it was more than poetic justice….it was pure brilliance!

Damien refers to himself as an “opinionated big brother, mentor.” And he posted on his Tumblr page about a recent experience he had with a young teenage boy who came in to Planned Parenthood with his aunt for advice and testing.

“Today a 16-year-old boy was brought into the clinic by his aunt to ‘have the talk’ because his school didn’t teach sex ED and his mother wouldn’t talk to him about sex. She spent 40 bucks so he could get tested for the first time. I spent an hour talking to this young boy about sex. I got to have the sex talk with him. I showed him how to properly use a condom and protect himself and his partners. We talked about STDs and pregnancy prevention. We even talked about pubic grooming and ways to avoid razor burn. This poor boy has never had someone talk to him about anything related to the changes his body is going through. And then we spent 20 minutes talking about consent and how important it is.”

“Growing up I never, ever had someone talk to me about consent and its importance. I even had sex ED in school! This shit is important ya’ll.”

Now for you and I….and most sane people….Damien’s post is nothing more than a positive success story, right? But just like clock work, we can always depend on the idiot trolls to show up and spout their same old boring right-wing talking points.

And one such troll did just that….

“It is the parents’ duty to have ‘the talk’ with their kids, not a government funded organization that murders babies.”

But Damien’s response was anything but old and boring. It was priceless….

“First of all f*cktruck: I am not a government employee. My wages are not paid by the government. Second: zero babies have ever been murdered in a planned parenthood. I didn’t say a god damn word about abortion but you had to get your f*cking tighty whiteys in a bunch because an organization that you know nothing about is doing good things for millions of people and you hate it. Shut your face up about shit you don’t understand you f*cking dump truck.”

The neo-Con troll argued back….

“Abortion is murder, just because they’re in the womb doesn’t change the fact you’re killing an innocent human being. As I said, it’s not a faceless organization’s job to provide sex ed while simultaneously killing unborn children.”

And here’s where Damien completed the full smack-down on this idiot….(I love this part)…..

“Listen up kiddo: Abortion isn’t murder. Murder is illegal. Abortion is not illegal. IE abortion is not murder. As I said (and we’ll go with what I said as not total bullshit because it’s obvious you have absolutely no real knowledge when it comes to sex or reproduction and i think we can thank your parents for that) this young man had a single mother that didn’t feel comfortable talking to him about sex. So i did it. I provided medically accurate and up to date information unlike so many parents today.”

“And by the way, planned parenthood isn’t some shadowy faceless organization. For example, this is my face. The face i made while reading your stupid ass response.”


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