More Republican Politicians Have Been Arrested For Sex Acts In Public Restrooms Than Trans People


Republican lawmakers across the country have been targeting the LGBT community with new discriminatory laws commonly called “bathroom laws.” But take a guess at who’s been arrested more often for sexual misconduct in public restrooms….trans people….or Republican politicians? I’ll give you a hint….it’s NOT the trans people. 

Maybe it’s a case of Republicans wanting to play a game of bait-and-switch so that no one pays attention to what they’re really doing themselves. Or maybe they’re just incredibly egocentric hypocrites. But making new laws targeting the trans community under the premise that they are some kind of predators who can’t be trusted in public bathrooms is almost laughable when you consider that there are literally no known cases of such a thing. And what makes it even worse is that the people making these ridiculous discriminatory laws are protecting their own fellow Republican politicians from the very thing they are accusing the LGBT community of doing.

Funny how those “religious freedom laws” they so desperately say they need to protect the public from the gays don’t seem to do squat to protect anyone from politicians.

Even though statistics show there are no known cases of trans people being arrested for sexual misconduct in public restrooms, I actually was able to find several instances of GOP politicians being arrested. I found these three easily, and my guess is that, if I tried, I could find more.

Larry Craig was the first one who came to mind.

Craig was a Republican Senator from Idaho who was arrested in a men’s room inside the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport back in 2007. He became known as Larry “Wide Stance” Craig. And thanks to all of the late-night comedians you may also remember him as the bathroom stall foot-tapper.

Craig tried to initiate a sexual encounter with an undercover officer but pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of disorderly conduct. He later withdrew that guilty plea but was ordered to pay the U.S. Treasury $242,000 for improperly using campaign funds to pay for his legal defense.

Another pervy Repub is Jon Hinson.

Hinson was a Mississippi Congressman….you gotta love those hypocritical neo-Cons from the deep south….who resigned in 1981 after being arrested in a men’s room in a Federal building on Capital Hill for having oral sex with a staffer. He was also arrested in 1976 for exposing himself to an undercover agent. But in typical Republican voter fashion they overlooked the indiscretions of one of their own and reelected Hinson in 1980 after he blamed the incident on alcoholism.

He later openly acknowledged his homosexuality and became a gay rights activist. Hinson died of AIDS in 1995.

Also to be added to the ‘Republicans-who-love-to-get-their-freak-on-in-a-public-bathroom’ list is Bob Allen.

Bob Allen was a Florida State Representative who was arrested for soliciting oral sex from an undercover police officer in a bathroom at a public park. Now, the funny thing about this case is that Allen was so desperate to hide his homosexuality that he decided to instead let people think he was a raging racist.

Allen resigned following the scandal, but he insisted that the reason he was in the bathroom in the first place was because he was terrified of African Americans who were nearby.



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