New Surprising Millennial Poll Numbers For A Trump And Hillary Match-up!


New poll numbers show that Hillary Clinton has a whopping 36-point lead over Donald Trump with millennials nationwide!

A new Harvard Institute of Politics survey was released last week showing that the important millennial voting block (voters ages 18-29) now prefers Hillary over Trump by huge margins. The poll has her at 61% and Trump at just 25%.


Maggie Williams, the Director of Harvard Institute of Politics said,

“Millennials care deeply about their futures and in this election cycle they are laser-focused on issues like access to educational opportunity, women’s equality and the economy.”

Hillary is doing even better with African American and Hispanic millennials.

With African American millennials she is polling at 76% to Trump’s 5%. And with young Hispanics she is polling at 71% to Trump’s 9%.

Millennials also really want Democrats to retain control of the White House. Over the past year their net preference has nearly doubled….going from +15 to +28.


Young voters are also more enthusiastic about Hillary than they are about Trump.


And as for improving the lives of women…it wasn’t even close.


Another interesting thing this survey found was that self-identifying Democrats surpassed Independents for the first time in over 5 years.


Overall I’d say these new numbers are excellent news. Hillary may have some trouble with young people against Bernie Sanders, but clearly she does not have that same problem against Donald Trump.


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