Jimmy Kimmel Trolls Trump Supporters -VIDEO


Donald Trump once made a joke that he could go out on 5th Avenue and shoot someone and still not lose his supporters. And after watching this Jimmy Kimmel clip, I’m convinced he’s right.

Trump supporters seem irrational on so many levels. They believe the lies that Trump feeds them and they ignore…or really don’t mind….all of his divisive bigotry. And as crazy as it is, many of them say that there’s nothing he could do to make them stop supporting him. Nothing. Just let that sink in for a moment.

So to test out this insane phenomenon Jimmy Kimmel sent out a crew on the streets of New York to ask Trump fans what exactly it would take to make Trump lose their vote.

Every single interview on this clip left me shaking my head. All I can surmise is that Trump supporters just don’t care at all about reality. They don’t care what he does or says. They don’t care how offensive or incompetent he is. As a matter of fact, we have now seen over and over again that every time Trump does or says something outrageous or obnoxious they just seem to love him more.

One guy said that Trump would literally have to be a child molester to lose his vote. He said short of that, there’s nothing Trump could do or say that would make him stop supporting. Nothing. And the really scary thing is that he, and countless other equally clueless Trump supporters are going to vote.

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