Watch Elizabeth Warren Unleash On Donald Trump! -VIDEO


After watching Elizabeth Warren unleash and totally eviscerate Donald Trump on Thursday I sure am glad that she’s on my team!

Now that Hillary Clinton has wrapped up the Democratic nomination, it seems that the party is ready to release the force of the big dogs. On Thursday, President Obama endorsed Hillary, followed by two more endorsements and scathing speeches by Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden.

Senator Warren has held off on endorsing either Hillary or Bernie throughout the primary process; but tonight on Rachel Maddow’s show, she finally threw her heavily desired endorsement over to Hillary. But before her appearance with Rachel she gave a speech that left me feeling very proud to be a Dem.

She went after Donald Trump in the way that only Elizabeth Warren can. She called him a “thin-skinned racist bully” and a “total disgrace.” She also called him “a loud nasty thin-skinned fraud” who should be “totally ashamed.”

The Dems really are firing on all cylinders today, and it is awesome to see. I’m not even sure that the Republicans have any attack dogs who could answer this kind of full onslaught. The only one I can think of is Chris Christie. But he seems way too busy in his role of “Yes Sir, thank you Sir, may I please have another Sir?”

It’s a great day to be Dem!

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