Watch Obama And Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam The News! -VIDEO


Obama joined Jimmy Fallon this week to slow jam the news…..and it was brilliant! Are we sure Obama can’t stay for another four years?

President Obama was on The Tonight Show on Thursday night with Jimmy Fallon and as usual Obama was fantastic. And when you put him together with the amazing talents of Fallon the result is just magic.

Besides the regular interview, Fallon teamed up with Obama and the band for the “Slow jam the news” skit where they take news of the day and slow talk it over cool music. Obama talked about his accomplishments over the past seven and a half years with Jimmy Fallon adding in his own special comedic touches.

Obama has to be one of the coolest Presidents we’ve ever had and he’s always been very in tuned to modern pop culture. This skit with Jimmy is just another example of how cool he is.

Personally I love hearing Obama’s facts and figures set to slow jams and I think that Hillary and Trump should go on with Jimmy and do the same. Can you just image the two of them trying to keep up with Fallon? There’s no doubt that there will never be another Obama, but the thought of Hillary trying to slow jam the news still puts a smile on my face.

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