Trump’s Alt Right Has A Message To Americans After Hillary’s Speech


Hillary Clinton gave a great speech Thursday where she connected Donald Trump to the alt right. Trump’s campaign wants us to believe that neither he nor the alt right are racist. But let’s allow the alt right to speak for themselves….

As Hillary pointed out, Breitbart is one of the vile bigoted racist sites that identifies as the alt right. It’s not just that they cheer for every bigoted thing Trump has said or done. But now Stephen Bannon, the guy who’s been running Breitbart for years, is literally the top chief of Trump’s campaign.

And Breitbart is far from the only site who falls into this fringe category. There are many. And, as you’ve likely already guessed, they all enthusiastically support Donald Trump.

Even though Hillary was able to give several examples of racist Breitbart titles today, Trump still insists that it is no big deal that the alt right is running his campaign. He says that neither he nor this far right-wing fringe are racist. But how about we take a look at what they have to say for themselves in their own words.

American Renaissance is a non-profit organization who runs a very active website. And they are another great example of the alt right.

Following Hillary’s speech on Thursday, American Renaissance put up a welcome message to all Americans who want to know more about the alt right….

What does American Renaissance stand for?

American Renaissance is a race-realist, white advocacy organization. Race is a biological reality–not a “social construct”–and is an important aspect of individual and group identity. We reject the view that races are equivalent and even interchangeable.

The United States is not a territory that is up for grabs, and that belongs to whoever manages–legally or illegally–to get here. It was founded by Europeans, who gave it its culture and institutions, and America’s European core has every right to resist dispossession.

We reject slurs such as “white supremacist” and “racist,” which are meant to intimidate whites and prevent them from pursuing their own interests. History and human nature clearly show that people prefer the company of people like themselves. We believe in complete freedom of association. Every group has the right to pursue its distinctive identity free from the embrace of large numbers of people unlike themselves. We seek this right for European people just as we grant it to others. Western Civilization can be carried forward only by the biological descendants of the people who created that civilization.

We are champions of true diversity. If the entire world were subjected to the multicultural, multiracial mixing that continues in the United States, no truly distinct people or culture would survive. It is only white nations in which this kind of cultural and demographic displacement is taking place. No non-white nation would accept immigration or other policies that could reduce its native people to a minority.

American Renaissance is a voice for all white people whose hopes for preserving their people and culture are being sacrificed under the delusion that diversity is a strength. Diversity of race, language, or religion is a source of weakness and tension for a country. To ask whites–anywhere in the world–to “celebrate diversity” is to ask them to celebrate their declining numbers and dwindling influence. It is to ask them to welcome oblivion.

And this belief system is not is not an anomaly for the alt right. They all say very similar things. Now I don’t know about you but when I read their own self-description it’s pretty clear to me that this site, along with the rest of the alt right, is indeed racist. And the fact that they are now so entwined with the Republican nominee for President is extremely disturbing.

Like the old Mexican proverb says, “Tell me with whom you walk, and I will tell you who you are.”


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