President Obama Just Shredded Donald Trump! -VIDEO


President Obama just showed us why he’s why he’s the Commander in Chief…..and why Trump never will be.

President Obama had a joint press conference today with Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. When a reporter asked Obama about the Republican nominee Donald Trump and his qualifications to be President, his answer was priceless.

It’s been about 4 years since we’ve seen President Obama out on the campaign trail. And I for one am thrilled that he’s back out there. He has a way of just shredding his opponents….but somehow he manages to do so with class and dignity. The same certainly cannot be said of Donald Trump.

Today Obama went straight to the point and called Trump “unfit to serve as President” and he called him “woefully unprepared.”

And even though Obama gave a great speech at the Democratic Convention, I would say that today’s rebuke was the harshest critique he’s made of Trump yet.

Obama also took aim at Republicans who continue to endorse their nominee. He questioned how any respectable Republican could continue to support Trump. And he made it clear that by doing so they are owning Trump, including all of his policies and every vile thing that he says.

If you’re a #NeverTrump-er….you’re going to love this!

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