The Truth About The Republican Party’s Fundraising Situation…..The Trump Effect


After looking at the new fundraising numbers for the GOP, one thing is clear. Donald Trump is causing the Republican Party to go broke.

It’s been clear for a while that Donald Trump is causing big problems for the GOP. Republicans around the country are trailing in the polls directly because of the top of the ticket. But arguably more important than the sluggish poll numbers is the current state of Party fundraising.

According to Open Secrets the GOP is in real trouble.

Virtually every category of receipts shows a decline this year. Contributions from individuals where the amount given is less than $200 (the “unitemized” category) is less than half what it was in July of 2004, 2008 and 2012. There is a similar decline in direct contributions of larger amounts where specific information about the donor is included in the report. These itemized contributions total much less than July 2004 and 2008 and are even smaller than July 2012 when joint fundraising became much more important.

These joint fundraising efforts where the presidential campaign works together with the national party and state parties around the country are increasingly important, and the RNC total from those efforts also lags in July compared with 2012 and 2008. The Trump campaign has talked about huge joint fundraising successes, but neither the campaign nor the RNC has received all that much from this process so far comparatively.

People often look at cash balances and the end of the month to get a feel for how a committee is positioned for future spending. Here too, the RNC on July 31 was strikingly short of its own status on the same date in past campaigns. At a time when $70 to $90 million is the norm, the RNC finds itself with only $34.5 million in the bank.


Despite Trump’s big talk about his amazing fundraising skills, the data shows that the RNC only has $15 Million in spendable cash. That means that there is only $15 Million for every Republican down-ticket race across the country. That money has to cover advertising, day to day operations, get out the vote drives, voter registration, research and internal polling, and data operations.

And since Trump has refused to open campaign headquarters in all 50 states, the RNC has to fill in there as well.

Because Trump is the King of debt and bankruptcy, I guess it should come as no surprise that he is on his way to bankrupting the RNC. Trump is the reason that many Republican donors are not giving money this year. And the ‘Trump Effect’ will continue hurting the entire Party throughout the fall.

Trump may play a successful billionaire on TV. But in real life he is more like a hungry leech draining the life out of the Republican Party.

This is not only great news for the Dems in their bid to keep the White House. It is also great news for the Dems’ chances of flipping the House and Senate. It makes me almost feel sorry for RNC Chairman Reince Priebus……almost.


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